TOCOM December 2011 Monthly Summary

Terry Flanagan

(Tokyo, January 6, 2012)

Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) announced today that September 2011 trading volume averaged 160,372 contracts per day, down 8.4% from August 2011. On year-to-year basis, it increased 75.2%. There were increases in average daily volume for Platinum (up 7.2% to 13,847 contracts) and Gold Mini (up 8.3% to 22,352 contracts), among others. Conversely, Gold Standard, which is TOCOM’s most traded product, decreased 14% to an average of 96,560 contracts per day. Energy products also saw declines: Crude Oil was down 6.9% to 5,019 contracts; Gasoline was down 16.6% to 8,168 contracts.

Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) announced today that December 2011 trading volume averaged 112,492 contracts per day, down 5.3% from November 2011 with year-on-year volume up 8%. There was a significant drop in average daily volume for Crude Oil (down 10.4% to 5,190 contracts) and Rubber (down 35.4% to 7,502 contracts).

The decreases may be attributed to lingering concerns of market participants over the persistent European financial crisis that could prolong global financial market troubles, which resulted in stagnating trading. The holiday season has also slowed down the market.

Open interest at the end of December for all listed commodities totaled 323,801 contracts, a decrease of 29,838 contracts from the end of November.

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TOCOM December 2011 Monthly Summary

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