ISDA Discusses Tokyo Stock Exchange Halt

The Tokyo Stock Exchange has today announced that it halted trading for the entire day due to system glitches relating to hardware and a back-up data feed failures. The halt was identified before market open, but was unable to be rectified throughout the day. Further information can be found at the following links:



ISDA is collating details on how settlement systems and markets relevant to derivatives will be affected by this occurrence. Members with relevant publicly available information are encouraged to contact ISDA at the following e-mail addresses: mdemarzio@isda.org, MChiu@isda.org, GBryant@isda.org, CMcgonagle@isda.org, tmorita@isda.org, KHoraguchi@isda.org, mhurd@isda.org, jmartin@isda.org and rsandilands@isda.org.

ISDA will set up a call for members in due course to discuss the event. An invitation to the calls will be sent by e-mail to members of the relevant working groups.

Source: ISDA

Statement from Tokyo Stock Exchange: 

Today, due to a hardware failure, the switchover from the failed device to the backup device did not work properly, and as a result, market information could not be distributed.

TSE is currently planning to replace the hardware and taking steps, including other maintenance, to ensure normal trading from tomorrow onwards.

If the system were to reboot during the day, it would cause confusion for investors and market participants, which would make it difficult to execute smooth trading. Therefore TSE has decided to halt all listed symbols entire today after consulting with market participants.

TSE sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience caused to investors and the people related to stock market.

Source: TSE

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