Top 5 Burgers in NYC


By Rupveen Arora (Mademoiselle Wanderlust), Head of Lifestyle

Finding a good burger is like finding a needle in a haystack. That is exactly the case in NYC. The perfect blended meat patty. A toasted bun to complement the not-so-needed condiments on a great burger. The flavors. The tenderness. The melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness. I found such a burger at The Four Seasons, which prompted me to update my Top 5 Burgers in NYC, which I first wrote about in November.

Now the only question is, which has to be kicked off the Top 5 For me, J.G. Melon move over, Hello Four Seasons! And a fabulous Bloody Mary never hurt any foodie to compliment a juicy, succulent piece of meat on a Saturday afternoon.

If you know anything about melted cheese, a good bun, and a delectable blend of fresh herbs and spices to culminate the perfect burger, you must (if you regrettably haven’t already) try the below spaces of heaven.

1 – Raoul’s – My personal favorite

Raul's Burger

Photo via Yelp/Rob J.

This burger literally is an explosion of pure deliciousness in your mouth. And needs no explanation. Go early because they have a very limited quantity prepared every night (12 to be exact), and you are required to eat at the bar.

Located @ 180 Prince St

2 – Minetta Tavern – The Black Label Burger

 Black Label Burger

Photo via Yelp/Lori L.

“Clarified butter is drizzled on top of the patty and copious amounts of salt and pepper are added throughout the cooking process. This is one pampered burger.”

Located @ 113 MacDougal St

3 – Breslin at the Ace Hotel – The Lamb Burger

Lamb burger

Photo via The Breslin

This patty speaks for itself. The flavor of the lamb screams ‘no condiments required, chargrilled and lightly drizzled with creamy feta, and served with the fattest fried your eyes have drooled over.
Located @ 16 W 29th St

4 – Spotted Pig – Bloomfield’s & Friedman’s gastropub

Bloomfield’s & Friedman’s gastropub

Photo via The Spotted Pig

Shoestring fries accompany this mouth-watering, char-grilled burger with a heaping amount of Roquefort cheese. Enough said.

Located @ 314 W 11th St

5 – Four Seasons The Garden – The Gotham Burger

The Garden has a burger to literally die for. The Gotham Burger consists of fried egg and crispy onions. Need. I. Say. More.
Located at 57 E. 57th St

You will always remain a favorite:

J.G. Melon – The Classic Burger

J.G. Melon – The Classic Burger

Photo via Foursquare/Natalia S.

A high-quality beef burger, simple in its presentation with just the right amount of cheese and pickle, so good, you have to eat two. Est. in 1972, no wonder this jointb still makes the cut.
Loacted @ 1291 Third Ave

Get your appetite in gear and satiate that palate of yours for the above burgers, each delightful and splendid in their own right. Yes, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Shake Shack, so even in the dead of winter, you may find yourself meandering towards the outdoor one in the heart of Madison Square Park.

Bon Appetito!

Which one of these is your top pick?

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