TradAir Integrates Seed CX for Settlement

Seed CX, the leading institutional trading and settlement infrastructure for digital assets, has partnered with TradAir, the global provider of trading technology solutions for banks, brokers, prime of primes and regulated marketplaces. The partnership allows TradAir customers to leverage the over-the-counter (OTC) trade settlement services recently launched by Seed CX’s subsidiary, Zero Hash.

The Zero Hash settlement service allows firms to enable frictionless settlement of both digital asset and fiat trades, widen the number of counterparties with whom they can trade and streamline reconciliation, reporting and asset movements.

TradAir offers trading solutions to customers to access, create, distribute and hedge unique liquidity streams via GUI and API interfaces. TradAir customers can now seamlessly use Zero Hash as the settlement entity for post-trade. The announcement follows Seed CX’s launch of its suite of OTC settlement services for digital assets through its fiat currency custodian subsidiary, Zero Hash.

“We know how important efficient trade processing is for our clients, which is why we’re so excited to work together with Zero Hash to provide the best possible trading experience for their customers,” said Ayal Jedeikin, founder and CEO of TradAir. “The integration with Zero Hash provides clients a complete electronic solution, from price discovery to post-trade processing of digital asset that institutional investors require.”

“We’ve worked in tandem to build a unique partnership between TradAir and Seed CX – integrating our technologies to bring one seamless experience for shared customers,” said Brian Liston, Seed CX co-founder and President of Zero Hash. “The result enables traders to create a single-dealer platform using TradAir’s technology, and easily settle trades executed on the platform using Zero Hash’s post-trade infrastructure – leveraging all of the benefits of our settlement-as-a-service offering.”

Zero Hash supports spot settlement of fiat and digital assets and will be launching support for derivative contracts in the coming months.

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