Trade Informatics Launches Report Builder System

Trade Informatics, a provider of quantitative analytics and systematic trading solutions to institutional asset managers, has launched its Report Builder tool with the investment community. This sophisticated tool allows users to design their own reports and schedule them to run automatically at any desired frequency.

Report Builder integrates Trade Informatics’ quantitative trading analytics with its user-centric philosophy of research and consulting. PMs, traders, brokers, and operations personnel use Report Builder to create reports that reflect their decision process and that are customized to meet their research, compliance, and other reporting requirements. The utility gives each user access to powerful features, including cost and return attribution, formulaic comparisons across statistics and time, and graphical displays that effectively convert data into actionable intelligence. These tools afford users the ability to conduct complex and informative research into their trading, encompassing multi-dimensional and cross-sectional views of transactional data.

Trade Informatics’ Report Builder software is integrated into the firm’s proprietary business intelligence solution, a one-of-a-kind analytics utility that delivers trading data directly to users’ workstations, allowing investment professionals a detailed and granular understanding of their investment activity. User-directed research, either within the utility or via the Report Builder, can provide unprecedented opportunities to improve implementation decisions and ultimately preserve alpha.

Trade Informatics’ clients are currently using the Report Builder to consume hundreds of reports a day, covering topics ranging from daily outlier reporting to multi-agent decision analysis and from fill trajectory breakdowns to peer comparisons. These reports are tools that help institutional investors succeed in preserving return in an increasingly competitive investment environment.

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