Tradefeedr Launches FX Data Analytics

Tradefeedr Launches FX Data Analytics
  • Platform is live and is rolling out to 15+ leading sell-side and 20+ major buy-side firms signed and onboarding, with another 20 in the pipeline, creating a powerful network effect
  • Tradefeedr has created a community-based, independent, FX trading database allowing market participants to connect, analyse their trading data and collaborate
  • Enables clarity, insight, efficiency and better relationships for the foreign exchange trading ecosystem
  • Founded by Balraj Bassi and Alexei Jiltsov, Tradefeedr announced leading industry figure Seth Johnson as Chair in December 2020 alongside $3 million investment by Lord Michael Spencer’s IPGL to propel the business to the next stage of growth

Tradefeedr, the community-based, FX data and analytics provider building trust and transparency in the foreign exchange market, announced today that the company has now launched its ground-breaking FX platform.

By delivering a unified framework for sharing information, Tradefeedr provides a much clearer picture of the whole market’s data and analytics than currently exists. Tradefeedr has created a common, truly independent FX trading database allowing market participants across the sell-side, buy-side, regional banks, hedge funds, brokers and central banks to connect, analyse their trading data and collaborate.

The company has signed up and is rolling out its solution to more than 15 sell-side and more than 20 buy-side participants, all global leading institutions. A further 20 others are in the pipeline and as the community of participants grow, this will create a powerful network effect as more and more users join.

Seth Johnson, Chairman of Tradefeedr said: “We are delighted by the overwhelmingly positive response from major FX participants who have now joined the Tradefeedr community. This demonstrates that there is a real need in foreign exchange to trade using correct and standardised data, allowing faster and more accurate flows. It also reflects the benefits of a system that allows much better decision making and better relationships, while also adhering to the FX Global Code’s principles of transparency and effective communication that supports a robust, fair, open, liquid, and appropriately transparent FX market.”

Balraj Bassi, Co-Founder, added: “Since our inception, Tradefeedr’s vision has been to deliver superior data transfer across the global FX trading community. We are excited to now roll out the platform amongst our leading liquidity providers and consumers who will be able to submit and receive their trading data amongst each other and with ECNs & trading venues over a single API.”

“FX trading data and analytics are currently siloed between venues and the sell and buy side, added Alexei Jiltsov, Co-Founder. “Users rely upon incomplete, inaccurate data, and before Tradefeedr, there has not been any method to work together with trading flows based on a common set of data. The significant adoption we have witnessed is a testament to the support for our vision and business model focused on transforming the FX marketplace for the benefit of all participants.”

Source: Tradefeedr

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