Tradeweb Reports YTD Activity

Terry Flanagan

Tradeweb posted its Monthly Activity Report for July, which captures fixed income, derivatives and ETF trading volume on the platform for the first 7 months of the year.

Most noteworthy trends include:

  • Strong Year Shaping Up for Trading Firms: Through July of 2018, year-to-date trading volume on the Tradeweb platform is up 40%, putting the firm on pace for a record year of trading activity in 2018.
  • Derivatives Post Strongest Growth: A great deal of this growth is being driven by activity in rates derivatives, which have seen their July 2018 average daily volumes (ADV) increase 158.4% year-over-year.
  • Credit & Equities Derivatives Volumes Climb: Global equity derivatives ADV is up 351.55% and global credit derivatives volume is also up 80.16% year-over-year on the Tradeweb platform.
  • Retail Trading Activity Shows Shift to Shorter Maturities: Corporate and municipal debt trading activity executed by financial advisors and RIAs has shifted to shorter maturities, with 26% of ADV now focused on 1-3 year maturity securities, up from 21% a year ago.
  • World Cup/Mid-Week U.S. Independence Day Slow July Monthly Volumes: While year-to-date volumes continue to surge, monthly volumes for July did slow vs. June totals. The slow-down was most pronounced in the first half of the month, which was punctuated by a mid-week Independence Day holiday in the U.S. and eight mid-week World Cup games. As evidence of the estimated impact, ADV of U.S. Treasuries rose 15.6% and U.S. High-Grade Credit increased 46.6% on Tradeweb platforms in the second half of July.

The full Tradeweb Monthly Activity Report for July 2018 is available here.

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