Trading 1 Minute Options (by Sally Houston)


A binary option trading is one of the most interesting investment modes in the financial market today. Much of the attraction towards this trading is due to its simple approach and ease of use. Each trade is fundamentally a prediction on the direction in which a price of an asset will move and end up within a precise time frame.

Trading 1 Minute Options (60 Second Binary Options)

Binary options trading offer different expiry times that often vary from one minute to a year. However, such a long trading period is rarely used by traders. Now, investors follow an incredibly fast paced trade i.e. 60 second binary options.

As the name implies, in this trading, trades are open and close in as little as 60 seconds. There is simply no better way than trading one minute options to make quick money online.  It can be exciting, risky and at the same time funny.

 One minute Binary Options Strategy:

You will love to trade 60 second or 1 minute options, if you have good trading plan and know the right market conditions.  It requires special trading strategies due to their super quick expiration time.

Profitable strategies as described here http://www.judgebinaryoptions.com/Profitable-60-Second-Binary-Options-Trading-Strategy gives a better insight of working market.  I would recommend every trader to go through these strategies, and learn the way to gain maximum profit.

Advantages of Trading with 1 Minute Option:

While working with long-term strategies, you could only make few trades in whole day, but working with a 1 minute strategy, numerous trades can be made in one day. This ultimately means, you could make large sum of money in a very less period of time.

(Note: Remember, this trading is not right for all traders, it requires a careful approach to identify the right money making opportunities and spotting risk before trade.)

How to Trade 1 Minute Option?

I think this must be one of the most asked questions by binary options trader’s community.  Well, there are no such bars or strict rules for using 60 Seconds strategies. Traders can create their own version, and change strategies according to their way of trading and market condition.

Here’s a simple thing you can do to create an effective and highly productive strategy:

You need to combine different time frames by simply looking for a trend in a daily or in an hourly chart. Once you got a trend, you need to follow it and see when the price breaks down. Then switch to a smaller time frame and look for the trend that will lead the price to breakdown the previous price in the bigger time frame. Once you get it, you will be able to make your timing precise. You can place your 1 minute options trade as soon as you see the right opportunity and get profit from the price movement created by the event.

Conclusion: How to Overcome Different Challenges

Predicting the market movement in a 60 seconds time frame is not as simple as you think.  You will face some unique challenges that couldn’t be overcome without analyzing the market. While using these strategies, it’s crucial to keep close eyes on recent technical analysis, candlesticks strategies, etc. On top of that you need to learn about signals, market trends, graphs, charts, and calculate risk before making an investment. Just stay focused and don’t rush without learning the right strategies.

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