Trillium Launches Surveyor 2.0


Trillium.com – Trillium, a proprietary trading and trading technology company, today announced the release of an enhanced version of its market-leading compliance product Surveyor.

Surveyor launched last year as the first and only product to detect market manipulation by comparing trading orders and executions against full depth-of-book market data, yielding far more accurate results than competing detection tools.

Surveyor 2.0 adds the following new major features:

  • An auto-generated natural language story panel which explains why an event was flagged and how to interpret the accompanying graphical data;
  • A position curve graphically plotting each account’s long or short position alongside its trading activity;
  • An all-new front end user interface designed by software architects Moment Design;
  • A powerful order data archive which allows users to query their entire library of quote and print data, with more than 20 filters to assist in generating and exporting data reports for internal or external regulatory inquiries.

“Today’s release is the next logical step in making an already powerful market surveillance tool even more user friendly,” said Trillium CEO Barry Schwarz. “We are making it easier for firms to review their order and trade activity with more detail and in less time. The new release is a must-see for compliance professionals who want the best tools available.”

“Surveyor drastically reduces the man-hours that our clients spend on trade surveillance,” said Trillium CCO and General Counsel Michael Friedman. “The new features in this version are the result of nearly a year of further design and engineering work, incorporating client feedback and the latest enforcement precedents to create an even better tool for our clients.”

Surveyor 2.0 is offered as a cloud-based or deployed solution.

A free version of the software, which provides quote-by-quote historical order book data, is available as an iPhone App or through a desktop internet browser. To learn more about Surveyor, go to www.TRLM.com or contact sales@TRLM.com.

About Trillium

Trillium is a diversified financial services firm operating three business lines: a proprietary intraday equities trading group; an investment management group; and Trillium Labs, a trading technology development group and the creator of Surveyor, a post trade analytics and trade surveillance tool designed to detect and eliminate market manipulation. Trillium is headquartered in New York City, with trading floors in Chicago, Miami and Princeton. For additional information, please visit www.TRLM.com.

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