TT Announces Crypto Trading Platform


Traders can now execute orders on cryptocurrencies for free through what Trading Technologies believes is the world’s greatest trading platform. Traders have been asking TT for this functionality, and the firm is now bringing it to market. Yes, any exchange trading commission fees still apply, but TT will charge no fees to use the software. Here’s the scoop on that, with a little background to start.

Trading Technologies is a 24-year-old company providing software and services for the trading industry. Our lead product is a front-end platform simply known as TT®. Professional traders use TT as their trading interface to route orders to exchanges around the world. Most exchanges that TT connects to today are global futures exchanges. On March 1, we launched a connection to our first cryptocurrency spot market, Coinbase’s Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX). Traders are using TT today to trade spot crypto, and many are benefitting from having bitcoin futures and spot on the same screen by trading the difference between the two, known as the basis.

Today, the firm launched a separate and dedicated crypto-only version of our platform that it calls TT® Crypto. TT Crypto is a lightweight, cloud-based, scalable, high-performance (e.g., microsecond-fast) version of the TT platform.

With this sleek new infrastructure, TT said it can now open it up to the masses and currently offer it for no fee.* TT Crypto provides all the same functionality of TT that professional traders rely on, such as:

  • Customizable trading screen
  • Ability to do single-click trading on an elegant vertical trade ladder
  • Professional-grade charting and analytics tools
  • Advanced order types, such as bracket, iceberg, OCO, trailing limit and our own soon-to-be-released version of a post-only order type
  • Our Autospreader® engine for auto-trading differential levels between two different digital assets
  • Our ADL® DIY trading algorithm builder that allows a user to set logic based on their own creativity. ADL is a great tool for market-making programs. You can even import your own data through Excel.
  • 24/7 market access—just like the exchanges
  • Fully functional mobile apps for iOS and Android, a rarity in crypto!

TT is not an exchange, we’re not a wallet or custodian, and we’re not a market-maker. The firm is a front-end system, and routes your orders to an exchange. It provides trading infrastructure. Today, TT route orders to Coinbase’s GDAX exchange. In time, it is likely the list of exchanges will grow.

To get set up to trade on TT Crypto, you first have to open and fund a GDAX account at www.gdax.com. Once you’ve done that, you can create a TT Crypto login at crypto.trade.tt and follow our easy steps to connect it to your Coinbase account.

So check it out today at tt-crypto.com. We’ve been doing this for many years, feel like we have a great product for the broader market, and we’re excited to see what kind of positive impact TT Crypto can have on maturing and furthering the efficiency of cryptocurrency markets.

*TT Crypto is currently a beta product and is being offered free of charge during this initial promotional period. Note however that GDAX charges still apply.



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