Updated Linedata Icon Provides Enhanced Workflow and Multiple New Features for its Fund Accounting Solution


LineData – PARIS, BOSTON, NEW YORK, LONDON, HONG KONG – Linedata (NYSE Euronext: LIN), the global solutions provider dedicated to the investment management and credit industries, today announced the release of the latest version of Linedata Icon, the award-winning flagship fund accounting solution.

This release is part of the continuing programme of functional and technological evolution and builds on the broad and deep functionality offered by Linedata Icon and follows on from recent releases which have introduced new functionality with enhanced instrument coverage and regulatory compliance.

An extension to corporate actions processing allows clients to see both an Accounting Book of Records (ABOR) and an Investment Book of Records (IBOR) and to provide start-of-day positions for trading.

This new version further strengthens Linedata Icon’s NAV and Unit Pricing facilities by allowing the automation of funds that price on an irregular basis and fully supports the allocation of holdings to a single share class.

Upcoming releases will focus on usability, control and risk reduction and will include a new web graphical user interface, a new reconciliation module and a new enquiries facility.

Linedata Icon is fully integrated with Linedata Optima, the specialised business process management tool for fund administration, including event and process monitoring and workflow. This delivers greater efficiencies through real-time event and process monitoring and the use of user-defined workflows to control day-to-day processing, with access to Linedata Icon directly through the workflow tool. Details of all operations are captured, giving a full audit trail and the ability to use the historical data to improve future processes.


“Linedata Icon is a great example of how our product improvements are directly linked to the challenges faced by our clients and the industry at large, in terms of ease of use, agility and information and risk management. We have prioritised aspects of Linedata Icon which make the solution even easier and more efficient to operate. This complements the product’s existing scalability and flexibility, ensuring Linedata Icon maintains its position as a world leader in fund administration solutions,” comments Thierry Soret, Global Head of Fund Services at Linedata. “We continue to address industry issues and to ensure that Linedata Icon and our other Fund Services solutions meet these challenges – regulatory, investor-led or other – that they face now and in the foreseeable future.”

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