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VIDEO: Disruptor of the Year: Susan Estes, OpenDoor Trading

Disruptor of the Year is for the person who has most shaken up the space they work in.
Our winner co-founded an all-to-all, session-based trading platform to fill the liquidity vacuum for off-the-run US Treasuries and Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities. A 35-year veteran of capital market structure, she took her firm live in April 2017, and has since received more than $200 billion in orders and matched multiple billions in trades.
The winner has disrupted by introducing a new market structure that transitioned a portion of the market from an incumbent risk-intermediary model, to a riskless-principal model, where buy side matches with buy side and sponsor-dealers settle trades but do not take risk.
Our Disruptor of the Year is Susan Estes of OpenDoor Trading LLC.

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