Wedbush Finds A Solution


There are multiple solutions for trade execution available to firms big and small. Many shops offer their own unique take on execution as a way of attracting business. For Wedbush Securities, the company has a unique advantage: Lime Brokerage.

Wedbush acquired Lime in June of 2011 for an undisclosed sum. The firm has always been focused on technology and offers some of the lowest-latency execution and trading services in the business, including a round-trip time of 250 nanoseconds.

Leveraging Lime’s infrastructure, solutions and network, Wedbush has created the Execution Solutions Group to offer its customers critical execution and enhanced pricing. The move brings fixed-cost pricing and lower commissions to customers operating within a tight budget.

“We believe our new pricing models along with our ultra-low latency execution infrastructure provides the buy-side community the same technology advantages as automated traders while potentially creating huge cost savings,” Kevin Beadles, managing director of Wedbush Execution Solutions Group, told Markets Media.

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