Wedbush Securities Names New Co-Presidents


Wedbush Securities has named new executive management.

Wedbush Securities, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, today announced the appointment of Rich Jablonski and Gary Wedbush as Co-Presidents of the Firm, together responsible for all aspects of Wedbush Securities’ management and the strategic direction, development, and growth of all client services.

Previous to their new roles, Rich Jablonski was Executive Vice President, COO, and Head of Futures, Securities Finance and Rates, and Prime Brokerage; Gary Wedbush was Executive Vice President and Head of Capital Markets and Correspondent Services. Both serve on the firm’s Management and Executive Committees.

Edward Wedbush, Founder and Chairman of WEDBUSH, Inc., said: “I am pleased to announce Rich and Gary’s appointment as Co-Presidents of our firm.  I have given much serious thought about this very important and natural advancement for Wedbush Securities, for my own career, and for the many valued services for which our clients depend on our company.” Ed further states, “I’m confident that Gary and Rich are ready and able to take on this tremendous challenge and responsibility.  I will remain available to them as a mentor to ensure a successful and stable transition.”

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