Women in Finance Awards Q&A: Lea Palumbo, Tradeweb

Women in Finance Awards Q&A: Lea Palumbo, Tradeweb

Lea Palumbo, Managing Director, Co-Head Dealerweb Sales and Relationship Management at Tradeweb won Excellence in Trading Platforms at Markets Media Group’s 2021 Women in Finance (U.S.) Awards.

What was your reaction to winning this award?

I am deeply honored to receive this award and very excited to be listed alongside this group of so many successful women in our industry.

What have been the main drivers of your success?

Surrounding myself with a network of people that both challenge and support me has really allowed me to push myself further and go for opportunities that I may not have been comfortable going for in the past. I’ve learned to become comfortable being uncomfortable, and always look for opportunities to try new things, learn and build upon my success.

Hard work and dedication are also two key drivers of my success. I strive to give 110% effort into everything I do and do not give up until I succeed.

How do you describe your work/management style?

My work management style revolves around leading with trust. By leading with trust, I’m able to open the lines of communication within my team as well as with the clients we work with. Having a team that is built on trust gives everyone the opportunity to achieve their goals more effectively and confidently, and further increases productivity, teamwork and collaboration. As part of my role, I work directly with Tradeweb’s technology team to develop innovative trading and workflow solutions to extend client reach and deepen platform integration. Having a strong system built on trust allows us to communicate effectively, openly and clearly with one another and work better together.

What keeps your motivated?

My desire to continuously learn and take on new challenges is what keeps me motivated. Also my son Jack who inspires me to be my best everyday.

What are your future goals?

Continue to lead by example and help encourage women to pursue their highest potential. As a member of various women-focused organizations, including Tradeweb’s Global Women’s Network and the Women’s Bond Club industry association, being a mentor and resource for women is very rewarding and important to me.

What’s your advice to the next generation of women in finance?

Continue to seek out new challenges and responsibilities. Build a network of people that can support and advocate for you, and never be afraid to ask for advice.

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