Workout at Work


We all do it. Moving around in our seat to find the perfect position that won’t make our upper thighs numb. Tapping a foot on the floor to dissolve the pins and needles we suffer through for multiple hours throughout the day. The problem: we sit in a desk chair for too long, and too much inactivity can lead to life-threatening ailments including heart disease and obesity. The cure: get moving! While many of us sit at our desks all day with little to no movement, we are unaware of the long-term effects that our sedentary lifestyle is having on our bodies. Not only physically damaging to our bodies, inactivity also affects our metabolic rate and brain function. Simply put, prolonged periods of sitting is bad for you. That’s why fitness geniuses have created easy and simple ways for us to ‘workout’ at work. While not a replacement for regular exercise, these workout hacks will help keep you moving, which in turn will help you live a longer and healthier life, and increase your productivity in the office.

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