Xenomorph Leads EDM with NoSQL Integration to MongoDB


NEW YORK & LONDON & SINGAPORE–Xenomorph, the data and analytics people, today announced that its TimeScape EDM+, Xenomorph’s enterprise data management solution for financial markets, has been integrated with MongoDB, the NoSQL document database.

TimeScape EDM+ is designed to satisfy today’s demands for a flexible, complete solution. Users of the new integration can access data stored in MongoDB through any of the application and programming interfaces to TimeScape EDM+. Data stored in MongoDB can be retrieved and accessed through the Excel interface to TimeScape EDM+, through business intelligence environments such as Tableau and Microsoft Power BI, and integrated with data validation and cleansing within the TimeScape EDM+ browser environment.

“Enterprise Data Management in financial markets needs to keep up with broader advances in database and data management technology such as NoSQL,” says Chris Budgen, Chief Technical Architect, Xenomorph. “Given Xenomorph’s historical origins in choosing database technology appropriate to the data problem being addressed, we decided to initiate a program of investigation of NoSQL and scale-out SQL technologies applied to EDM. Document databases, such as MongoDB, have shown themselves to be an ideal fit for instrument reference and market data, and have the schema flexibility needed to match that of the TimeScape database model in supporting new data attributes and asset classes. MongoDB also offers the potential for the storage of huge instrument universes combined with the benefits of scale-out performance.”

“It is great to now see interest from our clients and prospects in hosting reference, market and position data within new database technologies such as MongoDB,” adds Brian Sentance, CEO, Xenomorph. “Clients are interested in approaches such as data lakes to archive much of the data they generate, especially given the increasing reporting demands from regulators. Additionally, they see scale-out open-source database technology as a cost-effective alternative to the more traditional ‘big tin’ approach to dealing with large datasets. The integration of our functionality with MongoDB provides the scale benefits of NoSQL combined with the ease-of-use, ready-to-run functionality for data cleansing and analysis of TimeScape EDM+.”

Xenomorph’s platform delivers traditional EDM tasks: data capture, processing storage and export; but also easily adapts to new and emerging requirements of data governance, complex asset classes, sophisticated validation and business intelligence. The integration between TimeScape EDM+ and MongoDB creates an unparalleled tool to ensure consistency and transparency of data remains a top priority. Xenomorph clients can now combine the processing and analytical flexibility of TimeScape EDM+ with MongoDB’s market-leading storage and data retrieval abilities to address the most challenging business and regulatory demands now and into the future.

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