10 Most-Read Articles of 2021

10 Most-Read Articles of 2021

The following were the 10 most-read originally produced articles that published on Markets Media in 2021.

  1. IEX Targets Retail Trading
  2. Virtu CEO Defends Payment for Order Flow
  3. US Equity Trading Volume Reaches Record
  4. Is Low Code the Next Front-Office Revolution?
  5. Digital Transformation Moving at Light Speed
  6. Instinet’s Anushree Laturkar to Win Inaugural STEM Champion Award
  7. PureStream Aims to Revolutionise Block Trading
  8. IEX Increases Lit Volume With D-Limit Order
  9. Nasdaq Aims to Strengthen ETF Offering
  10. TP ICAP Prepares for Secular Shift

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