Algo for All Services

Terry Flanagan

As many investment managers strive for returns without risk, one manager attempts to manage risk in the equity, equity derivative and ETF market via an algorithmic trading system, utilized for to generate ideas (stock recommendations) and analyze market data.

Quantplat, short for Quantitative Platform, was developed by Ben DeHaan, chief investment officier at Atlanta-based DeHaan and Co. Financial Partners.

“Our proprietary automatic investment trading platform can be licensed to individuals and corporations who desire to have visibility to our purchases, stops and limits,” DeHaan told Markets Media. “It was designed for active traders, originally programmed for sell triggers on stocks and options.”

Sell triggers can help alleviate risks associated with stocks, and “capture the upside,” according to DeHaan. Quantplat is utilized by hedge funds, registered financial advisors, which vary in strategy from traditional long-only buy and hold shops, to those with high turnover in their portfolio every week.

Currently, Quantplat is sub-licensed to Morningstar and MonteCarlo financial planning, and is best suited for institutional investors, according to DeHaan.

Rather than a simple platform for trading automation, Quantplat also offers portfolio analytics, and generates stocks recommendation based on a proprietary formula, built in-house, according to DeHaan. “All algos that we create go out and find stocks for giving return to clients.”

Quantplat also offers a portfolio reporting service, which DeHaan noted is well-utilized by hedge fund clients.

As more trading systems come to the market, staying competitive Is key. “The reason we stay competitive is because Quantplat is a performance story,” said DeHaan. “Since 2004, we’ve never posted a negative return for institutional clients. We’re able to capture a lot more gains inside the platform because we mitigate losses via hedging with derivatives.”

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