By Terry Flanagan

Algo Platform for Quants Debuts

System helps traders master entire quantitative trading strategy lifecycle.

“Whereas high frequency trading focuses largely on speed, algorithmic and, in particular, quantitative trading styles are much more about creating strategies that differentiate and provide an edge,” Steffen Gemuenden, CEO of RTS Realtime Systems Group, told Markets Media.

RTS has launched RTD Tango QUANT, a new algorithmic trading solution specifically geared toward quantitative traders, representing a new category of clients for RTS.

“As low latency has increasingly become a commodity and ‘must-have feature,’ RTS is offering traders solutions that enable them to trade both fast and intelligently,” said Gemuenden. “Our professional services really enable us to further reduce the trading deployment cycle for our clients, enhancing their experience and enabling them to focus on trading, rather than coding.”

QUANT comprises a suite of tools for the design, optimization, analysis and execution of fully automated trading strategies.

“It provides a holistic development and deployment environment for trading models and targets a new client segment for us,” said Gemuenden. “Our sophisticated quantitative trading platform features an integrated low latency execution infrastructure.”

The new generation suite of products includes RTD Tango Ultra Gateway, which connects firms using RTD Tango to all CME Group and IntercontinentalExchange

(ICE) futures markets with a latency of 10 to 15 microseconds. The process is more than 10 times faster than the version announced last year, which at the time achieved a 60 percent speed and performance improvement.

The company has also launched new off‐the-shelf features for its RTD Tango Trader hybrid click and algorithmic trading solution, including customized or pre‐coded off‐the‐shelf algorithms that firms can deploy across trading desks without the need for any internal development.

By offering the pre‐coded strategies in an optimized environment, firms such as brokerage houses, trading desks and proprietary trading firms can reduce their time to market and rapidly begin trading desired products across markets and asset classes.

“Our solutions are customer-driven. Our clients want fast time to market, robust performance and cost efficiencies,” Gemuenden said. “We continually modify our offering and add new services to make sure we’re always providing those critical features and staying ahead of the changing needs of our client base.”

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