American Century Knows Its Limits

Terry Flanagan

Sometimes the best course is the same course for some asset managers.

Kansas-City based fund conglomerate American Century Investments have been aiming to provide investors with superior returns for over fifty years, since its founding in 1958. Sticking to what works is a key principal for the firm, who opted to close its nearly $14 billion American Century Growth strategy; a portfolio consisting of the American Century Growth, American Century Focused Growth and VP Growth funds.

The strategy’s close to additional capital was made in the best interest of clients.

“Firstly, we had always intended to keep our number of holdings to 80 to 120 securities—that number has worked well for us,” said Laura Kouri, a spokesperson for the firm. “We also wanted to maintain our turnover rate, which has been 100 percent for the last five years; that’s worked well for us too.”

“We wanted to preserve Growth’s ability to stay true to its time-tested investment strategy,” said Chief Investment Officer Enrique Chang said. “We also wanted to sustain its ability to meet its goal of generating strong long-term performance for our current clients and investors. The Growth strategy represents a disciplined investment strategy founded upon well researched, proven, effective components.”

Clients who held accounts with the strategy prior to 3 p.m. Central Standard Time on August 31 may continue to make subsequent investments and reinvest dividends. But, those who did not hold accounts in the Growth funds prior to its closing but are still interested in investing in a large cap growth offering may consider the firm’s American Century Select or American Century Ultra funds, according to a statement.

Serving investment professionals, institutions, corporations and individual investors, American Century Investments offers actively managed investment disciplines through a wide range of products; mutual funds, institutional separate accounts, commingled trusts and sub-advisory accounts.

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