Apcela Releases its Office 365 Accelerator


Apcela, the high-performance application delivery company, today announced the availability of its Office 365 Accelerator for its AppHUB™ platform. The AppHUB platform improves the performance of on-premises, cloud, and hybrid delivery of enterprise applications, while the Office 365 Accelerator was developed to improve performance by reducing latency, packet loss and network congestion experienced by branch office and mobile users when accessing Office 365 cloud applications via the public internet.

According to Gartner analysts Neil Rickard, Research VP and Andrew Lerner, Research VP in their May 2018 Strategic Roadmap for Networking, “Most organizations will increasingly leverage public cloud applications, as well as platform and computing services, which are growing at a CAGR of 24%. Redesigning the WAN for optimal cloud support will be paramount for almost all enterprises.”

Apcela’s Office 365 Accelerator is a simple solution that integrates with the existing WAN, providing accelerated performance for key cloud applications, without needing to physically redesign the entire WAN. Integrated with Apcela’s AppHUB, Office 365 Accelerator is now available globally and easily integrates with an enterprise’s existing WAN architecture to provide improved security and faster response times by:

  • Optimizing peering between enterprise users and Microsoft’s network of more than 100 peering points globally;
  • Providing enterprises greater visibility to Office 365 bandwidth utilization, and network flows between users and Microsoft’s data centers; and
  • Improving data access through distributed storage and security.

“Accelerating cloud application performance is what we do,” said Rob Page, VP of Engineering at Apcela. “We’re leveraging software-defined networking and the reach of our global, low-latency platform to simplify complex cloud application performance challenges such as those large enterprises are encountering as they migrate to the cloud-based, Office 365 suite.”

With Apcela’s Office 365 Accelerator, enterprises access Apcela’s low-latency application delivery platform through a simple physical or virtual AppHUB network connection. The Office 365 Accelerator establishes a direct network connection between enterprise users and the optimal Microsoft peering points to transport Office 365 traffic across Apcela’s high-performance, private network. This results in improved application performance and security, with lower latency and no network congestion.

Additionally, Apcela customers can benefit by integrating the Office 365 Accelerator with the company’s broader portfolio of WAN transformation and hybrid IT solutions for fast, secure global application delivery via its high-performance network, distributed security, end-to-end network and application performance monitoring, cloud gateways, and integrated edge compute and storage.

Learn more about the Apcela’s Office 365 Accelerator at http://www2.apcela.com/e/12202/office-365-accelerator-/52q9yb/727691627 or email sales@apcela.com.

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