Asia Pacific Region Tempts Traders

Terry Flanagan

NYSE Technologies acquires Metabit, a Tokyo-based DMA provider.

Global technology providers are building local expertise for expanding into the fast-growing Asia/Pacific region.

An example is NYSE Euronext, which acquired Metabit, a Tokyo-based provider of high performance market access products throughout Japan and Asia.

Metabit, which will operate as a product line within the NYSE Technologies portfolio, will enable NYSE customers connect to multiple markets quickly and efficiently.

Metabit’s products connect buy-side order flow with sell-side exchange participants and are designed exclusively for low latency direct market access (DMA) and exchange connectivity to markets throughout Asia, Daniel Burgin, head of NYSE Technologies Asia, told Markets Media.

“Each of the Asia markets have a unique technical and regulatory profile and require specific tailoring to adapt global standards and technologies for optimal performance,” Burgin said.
Having a substantial team based in the region delivering hosted services from data centers in the major Asia trading markets helps us deliver a high-performance solution that we can leverage across the Asia Pacific region very efficiently.”

Customers will benefit from the addition of new products and services and an established customer base, especially in Japan.

“We plan to leverage the extensive order routing and market data technology footprint we have built alongside the community and local service model Metabit has developed for the Asia component of our global liquidity network,” Burgin said.

Metabit will add its local Japan and Asia buy and sell side communities to NYSE Technologies’ global fabric.

“This will result in bi-directional synergies like non-Asian investors having access to a wider range of market participants and the Japan and Asia buy and sell side community, of what was Metabit, will be connected to NYSE Technologies global order routing and network community,” said Burgin.

NYSE Technologies is organized around four principal lines of business: Global Connectivity, Trading Solutions, Exchange Solutions, and Global Market Data. Together, they provide advanced messaging platforms, co-location services, ultra-low latency order routing and hosted network community, all designed to enable the free flow of liquidity for the global marketplace.

“We are striving to build an open, high performance and cost effective global liquidity network that supports an expanding trading community and delivers products and services tailored for the APAC region,” Burgin said.  “For clients looking to do business in the Asia Pacific region, NYSE Technologies offers a unique suite of market access solutions based on the combined assets of both companies.”

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