BestEx Research Expands Algo Futures Trading Globally


BestEx Research Group, LLC, a provider of high-performance algorithmic execution and measurement solutions for equities, futures, and FX trading, announced the continued expansion of its futures offering to include access to four additional exchanges in Europe and APAC. These include European exchanges Eurex and Euronext, as well as the Singapore Exchange (SGX) and Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in the APAC region. In addition, it has added access to crypto futures products traded on CME. The firm also plans to deliver access to additional markets later this year to meet growing client demand.

“Our integrated solution designed specifically for futures trading combines high-performance execution algorithms with a cloud-based Algo Management System (AMS) that allows clients to customize their algorithms with just a few clicks, backtest their orders’ performance against an exchange simulator, create A/B tests, run transaction cost analysis and get real-time access to the underlying algo behavior,” said Hector Robles, Managing Director of Business Development. “We continue to see strong demand for our solution and for access to a broader universe of exchanges globally.”

BestEx Research’s futures execution algorithms, introduced in early 2021, lower transaction costs through a proprietary limit order placement model that optimizes for highly varied volatility, volume, spread and depth-of-book profiles across futures outright and spread contracts, time of day, and order matching rules on various exchanges.

BestEx Research’s algorithms have been backtested against historical tick data in its simulation platform to ensure they perform as expected under varying market conditions and for varying order characteristics. Its broker-neutral business model allows clients to use the firm’s high-performance algorithms directly through its subsidiary Introducing Broker, BestEx Research Securities, or through BestEx Research’s partner FCMs and brokers. The platform is accessible via a FIX API and from major third-party Execution Management Systems (EMSs).

Source: BestEx Research

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