BNP Paribas Expands Accelerator BivwAk!

Shanny Basar

BivwAk! supports the transformation and ongoing development of BNP Paribas through a unique set of resources to help entities, teams and employees bring their projects to life, take an active part in their own future, and deal with the complexity of their ecosystem. In November 2019, the new premises will double its hosting capacity to 3,500m² in the heart of Paris, on Rue Rossini in the 9th arrondissement, and will become open to all Group departments and functions, customers and partners.

What is BivwAk! ?
Founded in 2017, BivwAk! has provided opportunities for cross-cutting experiences between different Group departments, applying new work methods and spreading a culture of innovation.

BivwAk! changes and opens up to the entire Group
The new space hails a further step in the agile acculturation of the BNP Paribas Group, in line with the latter’s overall strategy to serve a changing world. New products and services will emerge from BivwAk! to meet the demands of our customers, partners and employees. This new chapter also focuses on the human side, to boost team performance and develop new skills that the Group needs.

Relying on a Core Team of multidisciplinary experts (data, Cloud, methodologies, change, business development, etc.), the BivwAk! Initiative is built around four complementary pillars that strengthen each other mutually:

  • accelerating projects: developing and delivering new products and services and supporting transformation projects;
  • individual upskilling: building employees’ skills in future sectors and topics such as: Data & New Tech, methods, Positive Impact Business;
  • team performance: helping project coordinators and their teams to deal with complexity and strengthen their joint performance through efficient methods and the right state of mind;
  • a physical and digital venue: theme workshops and talks, a community that inspires, and sharing through a dedicated app.

Positive Impact Business at the heart of the initiative:
Projects with a positive impact have been developed at BivwAk!, which has contributed to reinforcing BNP Paribas’s leadership in sustainable finance. Some of the initiatives that demonstrate the Group’s commitment through BivwAk!:

  • towards employees: the focus on intrapreneurship at BivwAk! thanks also to the partnership with People’s Lab 4 Good
  • to life-work balance and reducing the carbon footprint: Be Nomad, a mobile application for employees to book work spaces in the various buildings of the Group
  • to a fairer, more inclusive society: Tilia, a service that makes life easier for caregivers of vulnerable family members, and Tangata, a marketplace that centralises leisure activities accessible to people with disabilities.
  • to sustainable finance: MyImpact, an instructive tool that enables Private Banking customers to make informed choices for sustainable investment.

Source: BNP Paribas

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