Buy-Side Trading Workflow in Focus

Thomson Reuters Strengthens Buy-Side Trading Workflow Offering
NEW YORK – Thomson Reuters has completed a key milestone in its commitment to provide a powerful and integrated buy-side trading workflow solution by delivering interoperability between its financial markets desktop Eikon and REDI execution management system. The milestone follows Thomson Reuters acquisition of REDI in January this year and the recent expansion of the Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger community to REDI clients.
With this new development, Thomson Reuters customers can now benefit from interoperability between REDI’s best-in-class trading capabilities and Eikon’s pre-trade content and functionality to support their trading workflow. Thomson Reuters has also integrated Elektron market data into the execution management system so that customers can leverage the same market data across Eikon and REDI platforms and reduce their total cost of ownership.
In addition, buy-side customers using the execution management system can now subscribe to broader connectivity via Autex Trade Route as well as have direct access to Autex Indications of Interest (IOI) and Advertised Trades (AT) which are designed to give traders greater transparency into prices and executed trades, respectively, by some of the largest banks and brokers in the industry.
“As a multi-strategy trading firm, we needed a reliable, broker-neutral trading platform that streamlines our workflow across asset classes and maximizes our efficiency,” said Joseph Monte, founder and chief executive officer of Merus Global Investors. “By bringing together the full breadth and depth of Thomson Reuters data and desktop with their REDI execution management system, Eikon Messaging and access to the Autex network, Thomson Reuters has created a compelling solution to address our needs. We are impressed with their open vision and commitment to a fully integrated platform that brings the best of Thomson Reuters and its partners to the buy-side community.”
“By leveraging the openness and interoperability of the Eikon platform with REDI, this development marks another step towards delivering a powerful and tailored workflow solution for our buy-side clients,” said Michael Chin, managing director, co-head of Trading, Thomson Reuters. “Our goal is to create a superior end-to-end trading platform for the buy-side that is open, broker-neutral and cross-asset.”    
Thomson Reuters Eikon is an open financial markets desktop platform, customizable to the individual needs of a financial professional or institution. Its award-winning news, analytics and data visualization tools help its users make more efficient trading and investment decisions across asset classes.
Thomson Reuters REDI is an integrated workflow solution that brings advanced, broker-neutral, trade execution management to the buy-side.  It offers cross-asset trading functionality, powerful workflow and compliance tools, and rich analytics via desktop application, cloud, mobile or API.
Thomson Reuters Autex is a network that allows brokers to advertise equities liquidity (either pre-trade or post-trade) to their buy-side clients. Buy-side traders, in turn, often use these messages as a core part of their strategy for discovering liquidity they need to complete trades.
Merus Global Investments, LLC is a global equity investment partnership that allocates stable capital to its community of traders with headquarters located in the heart of New York City’s Financial District.
More on Thomson Reuters trading platforms can be found here.


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