Terry Flanagan

Markets Media is pleased to present its 6TH annual Canadian Trading and Investing Summit, bringing together leaders from all the segments that make up the Canadian financial markets.

At this year’s event, leaders from exchanges, broker-dealers, alternative trading systems, Investors and hedge funds will gather to represent their respective sectors and the markets as a whole. The event will comprise multiple streams of content, social media integration and the global buyside community convening under one roof.

Topics debated will include the effects of regulation and what it means for specific sectors, systemic risk, clearing, traders and their latest tools of the trade, where the buyside will invest in 2013, the role Maple Group will play going forward and the roles played by the various sectors that make up the financial markets in a an increasingly complex global landscape.

For additional event information, please send inquiries to:
Danielle Hall at 646.442.4645 or dhall@marketsmedia.com

For a description of this year’s sponsorship opportunities, please send inquiries to:
David Griffiths at 646.442.4643 or dgriffiths@marketsmedia.com

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