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Brexit Tests Fund Oversight

Milestone Group notes increased focus on outsourcing back- and middle-office functions.
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A Global Approach to SFTR

It's a European regulation, but U.S. firms should pay heed, DTCC says.

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Game of Thrones in Fintech

Trading-technology M&A underscores the incumbency of incumbents, Alphacution notes.

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Brexit and the Buy Side

IHS Markit looks at what happens when a counterparty wants to novate.

Investment and custodian banks face a costly regulation, Meritsoft notes.

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Voice Data = The Best Data

The most valuable data comes from the most profitable trades, which are still mostly talked out.

Digital innovation will separate winners from losers, FIS notes.

The Stoxx index aims to access the economic benefits of modern industrial change.

The logical way forward is to seek out a secure mutualised approach.

Firms can leverage cloud to retain communications data, NICE writes.