Cboe Debuts Trade and Data API Suite

Cboe Global Markets has launched its Cboe DataShop is offering customers access to its market data and trade analytics through a suite of four application programming interfaces. The APIs allow easy interaction with other websites or programs, facilitating customization of access for trading firms’ specific needs and budgets.

“The APIs allow data to seamlessly flow into a firm’s or individual’s applications, fitting access to data and analytics within their existing workflows,” said Catherine Clay, Vice President and Global Head of Information Solutions, Cboe Global Markets.

The new Cboe DataShop APIs include:

  • Market Data API – gives customers the ability to pull market information on demand with an API subscription;
  • Time & Sales API – data used by every U.S. options exchange and by several large brokers is now available to subscribers;
  • TheoCalc API – selected by all U.S. options exchanges as the official theoretical price generator for obvious error review;
  • TradeReview API – builds on its selection as the official theoretical price generator for obvious error reviews on trades executed on U.S. options exchanges. TradeReview also performs a parity check, calculates the trade’s implied volatility and Greeks, and provides additional benchmarks for monitoring execution quality.

More information about Cboe DataShop’s full suite of API products is available at https://datashop.cboe.com/web-api. Cboe DataShop, available at datashop.cboe.com, provides users with direct and immediate access to a comprehensive set of market intelligence for options, equities, indexes and exchange-traded products (ETPs). Available data on Cboe DataShop includes historical, options, futures, equities, currencies, cryptocurrencies and corporate events.

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