Citi Expands Apprentice Programme in Northern Ireland

Citi, the leading global bank and only investment bank operating in Northern Ireland, has announced an expansion of its highly successful and sought after Belfast apprentice scheme for A-level and equivalent students and will be recruiting 30 apprentices across Operations and Technology from August 2021.

Citi Belfast, which has been running its award-winning* apprentice programme focused on Technology roles since 2018, is now also recruiting for Operations placements, which has increased the number of roles on offer from 10 to 30.

Successful applicants will be offered the chance to develop career skills and qualifications on various pathway tracks that often combine further study with on the job training. Training pathways vary from 18 to 30 months and can lead to full time job offers.

Leigh Meyer, Managing Director and Head, Citi Belfast, said: “We are thrilled to be growing our incredibly popular Belfast apprentice programme.”

“Citi Belfast has grown rapidly over the last 16 years to the point where we are now Northern Ireland’s largest financial services employer, something we take great pride in. During this time, we have massively expanded opportunities for our people while also looking to recruit talent from all different backgrounds and levels of education. We say that people come to work for us in Belfast for careers not jobs and for the opportunity to live locally, but work globally, supporting businesses around the world.

“At Citi, we have a large focus on developing and hiring diverse talent, which we believe brings tremendous value to our organisation. By investing in the expansion of our apprentice programme we are looking to grow our pipeline of future talent and improve opportunities for social mobility across communities.”

Please follow this link to the Citi Belfast Apprentice Programme

* Citi Belfast’s Technology Apprenticeship Programme won the Department for Economy Large Employer Innovation award in 2020

Source: Citi

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