Crosslake Fibre Debuts Toronto-New York Route


Crosslake Fibre announces today that the first new fibre-optic cable constructed between Toronto and New York in almost two decades is complete and has entered commercial service.

The diverse, ultra-low latency route connects Toronto’s largest carrier hotels, Equinix TR2 at 45 Parliament Street and 151 Front Street West, to Equinix NY4 in Secaucus, New Jersey with multiple extensions to various points-of-presence in both cities. Crosslake Fibre provides lit and dark fiber services interconnecting Toronto, Secaucus, NJ and Buffalo, NY using the route.

The historic cable traverses Lake Ontario from Toronto to New York State utilizing a specialized 192 fiber strand submarine cable that is 36 miles (58 km) in length. Using current technology, the cable, which is less than 2 inches in diameter, can provide up to several thousand terabits per second of capacity throughput.

“The new network provides the lowest latency performance, physical geographic diversity, and ultra-high capacity throughput for customers,” states Mike Cunningham, CEO of Crosslake Fibre. “This backbone Internet infrastructure benefits the financial markets, data centers, content delivery networks, the gaming eco-system, payment processing, and Internet download speeds, in addition to being a catalyst for economic development.”

“The physical distance between the major business and financial markets in New York, New Jersey and Toronto just got shorter,” states Fergus Innes, SVP of Crosslake Fibre. “For the first time, this new network route delivers sub-9m RTD performance between these core markets. Crosslake’s ‘Velocity’ service portfolio offers the financial community a number of options to enhance their connectivity to these important markets.”

“It is exciting to see a home-grown company like Crosslake Fibre deliver critical infrastructure between Toronto and New York. When companies like Crosslake Fibre choose Toronto, it further demonstrates the growth we are seeing in our technology sector,” says Mayor John Tory. “As the world becomes increasingly digital, it is vital for the success of our city to continue to support important infrastructure like this fibre-optic cable and the companies that are spearheading these projects.”

Crosslake Fibre is backed by middle-market private equity firm Tiger Infrastructure Partners. “Crosslake Fibre is an innovative and ambitious company that fits neatly with our philosophy of investing in growing infrastructure platforms,” states Emil W. Henry, Jr., CEO and Managing Partner of Tiger Infrastructure Partners. “It is pleasing to see the investment thesis prove out as Crosslake’s initial network comes into service and it progresses onto its next network on the Crosslake Fibre platform, CrossChannel Fibre.”

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