Dash Launches Dark Liquidity Aggregation Algo

DASH Launches Next-Generation Dark Liquidity Aggregation Algorithm
NEW YORK – October 30, 2019 – DASH Financial Technologies, the industry’s leading capital markets technology and execution provider, today announced the launch of SENSOR Dark, a next-generation dark liquidity aggregation algorithm designed to provide traders with optimal  levels of transparency, performance and control in their attempt to minimize footprints when seeking dark liquidity in a fragmented market.
The new strategy is the latest innovation in DASH’s award-winning SENSOR suiteIt sources dark liquidity from every significant venue across the US equity market, including independent venues, broker-operated pools, exchange hidden liquidity and conditional pools.
In line with the philosophy of all DASH execution solutions, users may customize their own SENSOR Dark execution strategies to meet their specific performance and workflow goals. In addition, clients have the ability to view, measure, refine and visualize their activity using DASH’s award-winning web-delivered transparency solution, DASH360, delivering real-time analytics and visualization to bring an order to life.
With SENSOR Dark, traders can:
  • Use a data-driven approach to customize routing selection by liquidity, block execution, price reversion/stability or any custom measurement;Benefit from “Block React,” a workflow solution enabling reaction to block execution with immediate and dynamic re-allocation functionality;
  • Add “Alpha Seek,” a performance-enhancing workflow that dynamically changes the venue selections available to take advantage when a symbol is outperforming versus the arrival price;
  • Define minimum fill size on a per-order and venue-by-venue basis, as well as set a minimum “first fill” to ensure a minimum-size dark print at the outset of the order;
  • Have price flexibility by sourcing liquidity anywhere within the NBBO, including the midpoint or “far touch” (i.e., the offer when buying or the bid when selling).
“While simple dark aggregation tools have been available in the market for some time, most were developed at a time when the liquidity landscape looked much different than it does today,” said Stino Milito, Head of Electronic Trading Sales and Co-COO at DASH. “We’re excited to launch SENSOR Dark, which has been designed with the functionality and real-time analytics necessary to effectively source dark today, as well as the flexibility and customization capabilities required to adapt to a continually evolving market.”
The introduction of SENSOR Dark is the latest product launch from DASH. Earlier this year the firm added an advanced suite of Portfolio Trading analytics to the award-winning DASH360. In late 2018, DASH also added a new Closing Auction analytic to DASH360, which closely followed the introduction of a cutting-edge new Portfolio trading Solution.
About DASH Financial Technologies
Launched in 2011, DASH Financial Technologies is the industry’s leading capital markets technology and execution provider. DASH’s philosophy is simple: with technology, clients should be empowered to craft, analyze and refine bespoke solutions calibrated to their precise performance goals. Using the award-winning DASH360 platform, clients receive full routing and cost transparency and a comprehensive suite of tools to visualize all aspects of their orders in real time. With this emphasis on technology, DASH has become the industry’s leading provider of wholly customizable and transparent trading solutions, routing approximately 16% of the daily OCC volume and an additional 25% touching its workflow and compliance tools. For more information go to www.DASHfinancial.com.

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