Deutsche Börse to Provide IT Infrastructure for Donner & Reuschel

Deutsche Boerse Group – London –  Deutsche Börse to provide IT infrastructure for private bank Donner &
Reuschel  Use of pdv Financial Software GmbH’s trading software DECIDE via Deutsche
Börse Managed Services / Connection to Xetra and Eurex trading platforms.

Since June, Deutsche Börse Managed Services provides the IT infrastructure  for  the trading platform of German private bank Donner & Reuschel. These services  enable a seamless connection to the trading platforms Xetra and Eurex. The
Managed Services form part of Deutsche Börse’s Infrastructure Services  offer,  which comprises licensing, hosting and maintenance of Deutsche Börse  applications and infrastructure elements to external clients.

Deutsche Börse will assume administration of the IT infrastructure and  hosting  for Donner & Reuschel in its data centres. In addition to connecting to its own  trading platforms Eurex and Xetra, network connectivity will also be  extended
to bank end users and additional third-party providers. “Deutsche Börse  provides our Capital Markets area with a comprehensive financial IT  solution,  guaranteeing us full compliance with the heavily regulated German financial
market,” said Markus Neuburger, head of Equity & Derivatives at Donner &  Reuschel.

All services will be provided in Germany and are part of a long-term  cooperation between Deutsche Börse Managed Services and pdv Financial  Software  GmbH for provision of the DECIDE pdv software solution for securities  trading.Reinhard Wienke, managing director of pdv Financial Software, said, “The strategic partnership between pdv and Deutsche Börse Group enables us to  offer our financial sector clients a comprehensive IT solution of software  to  support the entire financial market process chain from trading to  settlement, application hosting and network connectivity. We look forward to
strengthening  this collaboration further in the future.”

“We are very pleased that this collaboration with pdv Financial Software  allows us to offer the company’s trading software solutions via our data centres. Donner & Reuschel’s use of our Managed Services with its connection to Xetra  and Eurex is a good example of how we can enable seamless access to our  trading  platforms,” said Holger Wohlenberg, Managing Director of Deutsche Börse  Market  Data + Services.

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