Drake Star Partners Introduces Private Equity Co-Investments


Drake Star – Technology, Media and Communications investment bank Drake Star Partners introduces its private equity co-investment activity. The investments are made with its own capital in partnership with like-minded co-investors consisting of partnerships on behalf of some of the world’s largest multi-billion-dollar single family offices. Just over a month after Redwood Capital and LD&A Jupiter announced their merger to form Drake Star Partners, the investment bank with established technology, media and communications domain expertise and cross-border transactional experience is poised to continue on this growth trajectory.

Drake Star Partners’ deep sector expertise and international reach position the firm as an integral co-investment partner to private equity and growth equity funds. As such, Drake Star Partners seeks to invest between $15-100+ million of capital per transaction in middle market private equity technology, media and communications investment opportunities, including buyouts, build-ups, acquisitions, growth equity and recapitalizations worldwide.

Marc Deschamps, Co-CEO at Drake Star Partners, commented: “We are thrilled to announce this co-investment activity, which perfectly reflects our guiding motto and commitment to helping innovations change the world. This large co-investment initiative is very much dedicated to supporting private equity firms and other world class financial investors with their own activities. This is prompted by the lead funds’ request for us to join the investment process as we only participate when invited to do so. It also allows us to invest with greater flexibility in global transactions that are not necessarily backed by our own firm’s M&A advisory activity.”

Gregory Bedrosian, Drake Star Partners’ Co-CEO, continued: “Through our co-investment partnership and collaboration with lead private equity investors, we have already successfully completed 3 investments as a part of co-investor consortiums in transactions totaling over $70 million in aggregate co-investment equity capital invested alongside lead financial sponsors. Our current portfolio of companies includes CSS Corporation (IT services sector), Club Med (entertainment & hospitality sector) as well as an investment in the media and communications sector. In each case we have co-invested alongside some of the world’s most sophisticated private equity firms and family office groups, supporting each management team’s growth and development strategy for these stellar companies.”


About Drake Star Partners

Drake Star Partners is a global investment banking firm serving the technology, media and communications sectors (TMC) with offices in New York, London, Paris, Munich, Los Angeles, Berlin, Amsterdam, Geneva and Tokyo. The firm focuses on M&A and corporate finance for its clients worldwide. Prior to forming Drake Star Partners, LD&A Jupiter and Redwood Capital completed over 274 transactions since 2004, 70% of which are cross-border.

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