ETFs Lever Up

Terry Flanagan

Investors have called for more leverage on exchange traded funds.

The prevalence of ETFs may have become an annoyance to active investors, while an easy way to gain market access, for others. Regardless of ETF sentiment, their presence is undeniable—especially that of, leveraged ETFs.

Direxion Funds, a provider of leveraged ETFs, advised by Rafferty Asset Management, has recently changed their investment objectives and strategies OF 10 LEVERAGED FUNDS; from 200 percent to 300 percent of exposure.

“We made the change based primarily on feedback we got from the marketplace,” said Chief Marketing Officer Andy O’Rourke.  “Those that trade with this much conviction, typically prefer a higher leverage point,” said Andy O’Rourke, Chief Marketing Officer.

The calls for higher leverage come from sophisticated investors, according to O’Rourke—those who “come to the products with very specific and definitive perspectives on the markets and the sector in which they trade.”

The Board of Trustees of the Direxion Shares ETF Trust has approved changes to the names, investment strategies and investment objectives of 10 leveraged funds.

Their investment objectives will seek daily results, before fees and expenses, of 300 percent or -300 percent of the performance of the Fund’s target index (bull and bear, respectively)

The funds previously sought daily results of 200 percent or -200 percent (bull and bear respectively).

The changes will be effective December 1, 2011 and apply to the most notable of Direxion funds: the Daily BRIC Bull/Bear, Daily India Bull/Bear, Daily Gold Mines Bull/Bear Daily Natural Gas Related Bull/Bear and Daily Retail Bull/Bear. The funds will be changed from 2x Shares to 3x Shares

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