European Council Agrees Position on Green Bonds

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The EU is taking further steps to implement its strategy on financing sustainable growth and the transition to a climate-neutral, resource-efficient economy.

EU permanent representatives greenlighted the Council’s position on a proposal to create European Green Bonds. This regulation lays down uniform requirements for issuers of bonds that wish to use the designation ‘European Green Bond’ or ‘EuGB’ for their environmentally sustainable bonds made available to investors in the Union, and establishes a registration system and supervisory framework for external reviewers of European green bonds.

Environmentally sustainable bonds are one of the main instruments for financing investments related to green technologies, energy efficiency and resource efficiency as well as sustainable transport infrastructure and research infrastructure.

Now that the Council has agreed its position on the proposal, it is ready to start negotiations with the European Parliament in order to agree on a final version of the text.

Source: European Council

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