Exchanges Roll Out Data Services

Terry Flanagan

Exchanges are building out their market data and other technology services as major revenue producers in their own right.

Deutsche Börse has announced the formation of a new “Market Data +Services” segment that combines its Market Data & Analytics unit with its external technology and connectivity services.

Market Data + Services provides capital markets with essential information and value added services through the entire investment cycle.

“Our customers demand the highest standards in technology and market data offerings. By housing these five key areas under one division, we adopt a more targeted approach to delivering top quality and reliable data and information services that address specific user needs,” said Holger Wohlenberg, managing director, Market Data + Services, Deutsche Börse, in a statement.

NYSE Technologes’ new consolidated feed for Level 1 market data, NYSE BQT (Best Quote & Trades), provides a real-time, unified view of BBO (Best Bid and Offer) information for NYSE Euronext’s three U.S. equities exchanges (NYSE, NYSE Arca, and NYSE MKT), including Nasdaq issues traded on NYSE Arca and NYSE MKT.

The feed is a more flexible and affordable alternative to other Level 1 market data offerings.

The raw data feed, which is delivered via the NYSE Technologies Secure Financial Transaction Infrastructure (SFTI) network, can be distributed to a diverse number of investor applications such as retail blotter interfaces, charting and research tools, symbol watch lists, and portfolio management software.

The Deutsche Borse offering comprises front and back office data, indices, exchange infrastructure and connectivity services housed under five business units: Front Office Data + Services, Issuer Data + Services, Back Office Data + Services, COO Data + Services and Venue Services.

Front Office Data + Services focuses on the needs of investors, brokers, trading desks, algo traders and investment advisors who use real-time data or other market moving signals to make recommendations or transactional decisions.

Issuer Data + Services is responsible for the STOXX and DAX indices. It serves issuers who use indices as underlyings or benchmarks for financial products such as futures, options, ETFs and structured products.

Back Office Data + Services concentrates on middle and back offices of securities trading houses that require accurate instrument reference data for risk management, compliance activities and services related to reporting obligations. In addition, the unit serves market participants who process and safeguard securities.

Venue Services is geared toward market operators who are looking to enhance their business operations with state-of-the-art, reliable infrastructure and associated services such as trading surveillance.

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