By Terry Flanagan

Fidessa Launches “Trader Intelligence”

Buy-side solutions provider Fidessa launches a new initiative for traders.

Traders today are still facing ongoing challenges: price discovery, getting the best execution, and for the buy side especially, getting access to liquidity pools. Fidessa, the U.K. based buy and sell side trading and technology solutions provider has recently rolled out a new initiative to tackle all of the above.

On January 19, Fidessa launched Fidessa Trader Intelligence, an initiative to bring to light a comprehensive suite of analysis tools that will enable its community of buy-side and sell-side firms to make better sense of their trading environment.

“The initiative supports identifying new opportunities, fine-tuning execution in real-time, and independently measure their overall trading performance,” noted a Sabrina Segatta, product manager for Trader Intelligence.

Such a comprehensive suite may prove to be a strong ally in an already existing competitive landscape for traders, and moreover, will act as a much-needed aid in a time of changing market regulation.

“Regulation and technology are combining more than ever to make today’s financial markets increasingly complex and fast-paced. Against this backdrop, firms need to manage costs whilst developing competitive edge too,” said Steve Grob, group strategy director at Fidessa.

Cost and efficiency are key buzzwords for traders, who are always in an effort to lower the former and increase the latter.

“The ability to understand how trading activity is really performing makes it easier to maximize efficiency and identify and leverage new opportunities. Those firms with access to these tools will ultimately be able to perform better and offer improved client service,” Grob continued.

Some specific capabilities of Fidessa’s new suite of products will include capturing brokers, filtering, organizing and displaying a wealth of actionable data from a multitude of disparate sources. All are aimed at “empowering traders by enabling them to better understand their clients’ trading styles, patterns and interests, and uncover new trading opportunities,” noted Grob.

Future additions to the Fidessa Intelligence suite will include tools to: interpret trading performance and adjust execution parameters in real time, produce reports that analyze, interpret and benchmark post-trade performance, and provide a broker-neutral measure of execution quality as well as a ranking of executions trade by trade.

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