Firms Deploy 24/7 Engineering

Terry Flanagan

Use of offshore delivery model is being expanded.

Firms that service the investment management industry are applying robust delivery models that leverage offshore facilities to deliver round-the-clock capabilities.

Sapient Global Markets, for example, has launched a Global Distributed Delivery (GDD) capability for Advent Geneva, one of the most widely-used investment management platforms.

Utilizing Sapient’s Global Distributed Delivery Model, the GDD for Geneva provides tools for customers to achieve compliance, shorten project timelines, and improve the efficiency of Geneva implementations.

“Geneva implementations and upgrades require the thorough analysis and integration of all upstream and downstream systems that interface with it,” Andrey Ostrowsky, director at Sapient Global Markets, told Markets Media.  “These systems include 3rd party or bespoke trade execution/order management systems, reconciliation packages and portfolio management systems.”

Sapient Global Markets is focused on trading and risk management and offers practitioner-based expertise across the trading lifecycle from front to back office and across asset classes, instruments and technologies, Ostrowsky said.

Sapient Global Markets will provide third party systems integration and custom development for Geneva projects. It will assist in aligning existing technologies and processes, and facilitate access to near round-the-clock resources for implementation support.

The specially trained teams will coordinate software hosting, solution management and training services, customized to meet a firm’s specific requirements.
Sapient’s Global Distributed Delivery Capability is a client engagement execution model that allows for different levels of onshore and offshore involvement.

“The benefits of this model include faster time to market for such initiatives such as Geneva implementations and upgrades, which results from the ability to perform tasks in a near round the clock environment,” said Ostrowsky. “Additionally, the model allows for aggressive cost management by leveraging the appropriate mix of local and offshore resources.”

Geneva customization refers to the exercise of analyzing, developing and implementing interfaces and processes in and around Geneva in order to achieve a high level of end-to-end operating efficiency.  Customization efforts include batch process engineering, end of day/start of day process engineering, and interface development (e.g. sourcing and loading corporate action information from market data service providers).

Sapient Global Markets, an Advent Premier Consulting Partner, is currently standardizing a set of tools and methodologies with which to deliver Geneva products, such as a Metadata Repository for Geneva, an extensive knowledge base of Geneva objects and fields which can be handed over to upstream application groups to design Geneva data feeds.

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