Fund Administrators Go Global

Terry Flanagan

Full services provided round-the-clock.

To be competitive in today’s marketplace, fund administrators require a full service product offering (front, middle and back office), a global presence with 24/7 servicing capabilities, industry standard technology solutions, and experienced staff.

Due to its global presence, Butterfield Fulcrum can house client service teams in the jurisdiction that best services the fund manager.

“We are expanding and adding staff in nearly all jurisdictions including Bermuda, in contrast to many of our competitors who are pulling out of Bermuda due to cost reasons,” Tim Calveley, principal shareholder at Butterfield Fulcrum Group, told Markets Media. “We are focused on delivering the client solution in the jurisdictions they want, not where it’s most cost effective for Butterfield Fulcrum.”

Butterfield Fulcrum has gained a reputation for excellence servicing these complex funds.

“The larger and more complicated the fund, the more important the choice of administrator becomes,” said Calveley.

Leading fund administrators such as Butterfield Fulcrum generally use a combination of third party applications together with in house proprietary applications.

“In Butterfield Fulcrum’s case, we use Advent Geneva and the Paladyne suite of products, combined with our proprietary technology solutions Investor Central and our web portal, FIRST,” said Calveley. .”This combination allows us to provide highly customizable solutions and a broad range of services for our clients. One of our major competitive advantages is also a large, dedicated, in-house IT team enabling us to customize solutions for clients very quickly.”

One of Butterfield Fulcrum’s core strengths is providing fund administration solutions for funds with complex structures, trading strategies, or esoteric assets, said Calveley. Such complex funds require an administrator that can provide innovative, bespoke solutions, streamlining and automating the NAV process through customized technology.

Another significant strength of Butterfield Fulcrum is its client integration and new business processes.

“We have a dedicated Client Integration team that is independent from our daily operations teams, whose sole focus is planning and implementing client integrations, whether new fund launches or conversions from other administrators,” said Calveley.

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