By Terry Flanagan

FX Trading Ramps Up Global Connectivity

TMX Atrium has announced that FastMatch, a matching system of spot foreign exchange trading, has joined TMX Atrium to take advantage of the firm’s North American, European and Russian coverage.

Connectivity is provided from the TMX Atrium co-located facility at Equinix London 4 (LD4), as well as Equinix Secaucus (NY4), and allows FastMatch to benefit from instant access to the firm’s growing FX community.

“As demand for FX capabilities continues to increase across our community, our members can be assured that TMX Atrium provides the capability they require now and in the future, as FX volumes continue to grow and trading strategies become more complex,” said Emmanuel Carjat, managing director of TMX Atrium. “Through ongoing infrastructure enhancements, our network is perfectly positioned to scale with the growing demands of FX trading.”

TMX Atrium’s platform delivers robust and scalable trading opportunities for all of its community members, the company said. Its network of 30 POPs (Points of Presence) across multiple FX liquidity centers offers a choice of access to multi-asset class venues.

“TMX Atrium can quickly respond to and support our rapid growth within the FX community,” Dmitri Galinov, CEO of FastMatch. “Key to our decision to join TMX Atrium was the range of services they offer within Equinix LD4 and their significant and growing presence across Europe and Russia. We believe this service plus access combination will help us successfully continue to build out our FX community within these regions.”

Separately, CQG announced its planned connectivity to CME Europe Ltd, CME Group’s forthcoming London-based derivatives exchange launching September 29, 2013, subject to Financial Conduct Authority approval. CQG will offer both high-speed market data and trade execution connectivity to CME Europe from the September 29 launch.

“The launch of CME Group’s first exchange abroad is an exciting time for us as an ISV and we look forward to delivering an excellent customer experience from the outset,” said Ryan Moroney, product manager for market data at CQG. “Our connection to CME Europe will be of particular interest to foreign exchange traders executing orders through CQG’s hosted infrastructure who can now take advantage of expanded access to global liquidity.”

Trade routing to CME Europe will be available to CQG’s non-U.S. entity customers, who are CME Europe members, while the high-speed market data feed will be available to the company’s entire global customer base. CQG’s co-location with CME Globex ensures the highest speed of data delivery and order execution and management. Spread traders and traders executing aggregated strategies can expect a superior level of server-side performance.

CME Europe will launch with an initial offering of thirty pairs of foreign exchange futures and spreads. Clearing services will be managed by CME Group’s Bank of England-regulated CME Clearing Europe Ltd clearing house.

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