By Terry Flanagan

Hedge Funds Require Mobility

Hedge funds need to manage portfolio and risk analysis and reporting across multiple funds in real time, including mobile devices. This is the premise behind LiquidMobile, a new offering from Liquid Holdings Group, a provider of cloud-based investment management services.

“We have always and only been a ‘cloud application’, so what we’ve done is strengthen the user experience and strengthen the data-presentation layer to more easily facilitate the consumption of information,” said Robert O’Boyle, executive vice president at Liquid Holdings. “This isn’t a scaled down version of the product. What a hedge or investment manager sees on their tablet is the same thing they see on their iPhone 6+, which is the same thing they see on their desktop.”

By enabling fund managers to easily interact with historical, real-time, and forward-looking P&L, performance, market and liquidity risk, and NAV-light calculations, LiquidMobile helps them cope with rising pressures from transparency, regulations and operating costs, the company said in a release.

“This is all about simplifying the approach to data aggregation for the investment management community by leveraging a multi-tenant SaaS environment,” said O’Boyle. “What’s starting to resonate in the marketplace is this concept of building this concept of software as a service, infrastructure as a service, connectivity as a service, and then most importantly, which is what LiquidMobile and real-time risk and performance analytics are all about, data as a service.”

Liquid Holdings has broadened its asset-class and regional coverage, with a focus on trade optimization and investment management. “Our original vision of creating a very strong front-office solution that starts with execution and ends with investor reporting, all in real time, continues to take shape and continues to resonate in the marketplace,” O’Boyle said. “What we’re doing has its place in the technology landscape for the investment-management community.”

He added, “Our strong and sophisticated risk analytics engine is a key differentiator for us in that there aren’t many affordable sophisticated real-time risk and performance analytics tool sets available to the hedge fund marketplace today. Risk management is a core focus, but it is part of the overall value proposition that we offer to our clients today, which is addressing the front office activities of an investment management shop or a hedge fund in execution, order management, and portfolio management.”

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