ICAP Information and Thomson Reuters Extend 19901 Deal


ICAP Information, the leading global supplier of over-the-counter financial data, has extended its long-standing relationship with Thomson Reuters to provide USD Interest Rate Swap (IRS) data on the Reuters Capital Markets 19901 service for another five years, according to company officials.

Banks, securities firms, corporates and other financial institutions will be able to view and download this high quality, independent data exclusively via Thomson Reuters’ Eikon terminal service and application feeds. ICAP data sources include: i-Swap, the electronic platform powering ICAP’s swap execution facility, as well as the voice brokered ‘request for quote’ swap market.

19901 is the most referenced source for IRS to US Treasury Spread pricing in the market. The continuing contribution of ICAP Information’s swap rates to 19901 will ensure the service remains the preferred source of swap spreads for financial professionals. As volatility continues to grow, the swap spread against Treasury price will continue to provide guidance for the direction of the global rates markets.

Eric Sinclair, CEO of TP ICAP’s Data & Analytics division, said: “We are pleased to renew and extend the agreement with Thomson Reuters to assist in providing high quality, independent financial information to their customer base. ICAP Information is a major source of data for the global OTC markets. This is an important agreement as it continues the long-standing presence of ICAP’s swap data on 19901, which is a pivotal page in US fixed income markets.”

Jamie Grant, Head of Fixed Income at Thomson Reuters, commented: “ICAP’s commitment to providing swap data to the 19901 service is key to ensuring we remain the definitive source. For over 20 years we have been working with ICAP Information and look forward to continuing our work together over the next five years.”

ICAP Information works with financial institutions and service providers, including major global and domestic data vendors for the provision of independent OTC fixed income and derivative pricing. This distribution agreement with Thomson Reuters highlights ICAP Information’s on-going commitment to providing quality data and transparency in financial markets.

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