Invesco Taps Portware Enterprise EMS

Terry Flanagan

Invesco has selected Portware Enterprise as the centralized hub for execution management across all of its asset classes, according to Portware, a provider of multi-asset trade automation powered by artificial intelligence. Following a comprehensive, and competitive global evaluation, Invesco selected Portware based on the system’s flexibility, multi-asset class coverage, global reach, and ability to create complex and highly efficient proprietary trading solutions, Portware said.

“It is well recognized that reducing transaction costs through technology or improved trading strategies has an immediate impact on investment returns,” said Saurabh Srivastava, global head of electronic trading at Invesco. “We realized that the only way to truly differentiate ourselves from our peers in the trade implementation phase of the investment process is by taking greater ownership of execution management technology.”

Saurabh Srivastava, Invesco

Saurabh Srivastava, Invesco

After an evaluation of different EMS’ available on the market, Invesco found Portware to be the right partner. “Portware allows us to consolidate our global trading activity across all asset classes into a single EMS, standardizing technology, workflows and processes,” Srivastava said. “The system offers a rich set of decision-making support features that will enable our trading desks globally to navigate a highly complex execution landscape. Most importantly, with an open architecture and a shared underlying framework across asset classes, Portware empowers us to implement and deploy our proprietary ideas. All of the above facilitate greater efficiencies and ultimately better trading outcomes for our clients.”

Portware Enterprise is an ultra-fast, open, thinking EMS that automates and bolsters the buy side’s most complex workflows, according to the company. Portware has added artificial intelligence and commission optimization tools for algo management and real-time decision support into the EMS.

“Today’s fragmented and fast markets make it impossible to manually keep track of every order and execution with a standard EMS that merely transforms manual steps into clicks,” said Alfred Eskandar, CEO of Portware. “Forward thinking firms like Invesco now demand customized automation in their trading workflows that adds value from idea creation to analysis to execution.”

Eskandar said that Invesco joins “the growing list of clients who have selected Portware to help free their traders to use their skills and experience to make fast and accurate decisions that enhance performance.”

Portware deploys visualization tools to empower traders to “trade the graphs” and sort, filter, and see their orders in a way that helps them make the most informed decisions in the shortest time, he said.

“The fully customizable, real-time system acts as a central platform to communicate, analyze and execute investment ideas for global equities, futures, options, fixed income, and FX,” said Eskandar. “It seamlessly integrates with other systems and provides clients unconflicted access to the widest range of liquidity providers, broker algorithmic suites, and trading destinations worldwide.”

Invesco on Thursday reported net income of $953.3 million for 2013, up 27% from a year earlier.

“Invesco continued to provide strong, long-term investment performance to our clients, which contributed to one of our strongest years on record,” said Martin Flanagan, president and CEO of Invesco. “During 2013, we made additional progress against our strategic priorities, continued to expand our global investment capabilities, launched several important new products and further invested in key aspects of our business that will benefit our clients and our business over the long term.”

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