By Terry Flanagan

Iosco Consults on Business Continuity

The International Organization of Securities Commissions has published two consultation reports aimed at further enhancing the ability of financial markets and intermediaries to manage risks, withstand catastrophic events, and swiftly resume their services in the event of disruption.

“A key objective of the reports is to address possible weaknesses or gaps in the business continuity plans and recovery strategies of trading venues and market intermediaries,” Iosco said in a release.

The consultation report, “Mechanisms for Trading Venues to Effectively Manage Electronic Trading Risks and Plans for Business Continuity,” provides a comprehensive overview of the steps trading venues take to manage the risks associated with electronic trading and the ways they plan for and manage disruptions through business continuity plans. As technology continues to evolve, trading venues will need to continuously adapt to these changes.

The report provides recommendations to help regulators ensure that trading venues are able to manage effectively a broad range of evolving risks. It also proposes sound practices that should be considered by trading venues when developing and implementing risk mitigation mechanisms and business continuity plans aimed at safeguarding the integrity, resiliency and reliability of their critical systems.

The report recommends practices for trading venues in managing technology to mitigate risk, managing external risks to critical systems, and establishing business continuity plans. It also recommends that regulators require trading venues to have in place mechanisms to help ensure the resiliency, reliability and integrity of critical systems.

Iosco´s second consultation report, “Market Intermediary Business Continuity and Recovery Planning,” proposes standards and sound practices that regulators could consider as part of their oversight of the business continuity and recovery planning by market intermediaries. These practices may also prove useful to intermediaries who are developing and implementing business continuity plans.

Recent disruptive events and emerging threats in major international financial markets highlighted the need to examine and identify the key measures and arrangements in place at trading venues and market intermediaries to restore their “critical” functions should a disruption occur.

The two consultation reports draw on the results of surveys of Iosco members and stakeholders, and feedback from roundtables organized with industry participants.

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