Itiviti Partners With Blaze Portfolio

Itiviti, a leading technology and service provider to financial institutions worldwide, has partnered with Blaze Portfolio, a software provider focusing on scalable investment portfolio rebalancing and real-time trade order management technology. Partnering with Itiviti enables Blaze Portfolio to offer their clients access to Itiviti’s NYFIX suite of services including, its world-class FIX connectivity network, monitoring and execution reporting.

“We strive to provide our clients with the best offerings on the market,” said Bryson Pouw, CEO at Blaze Portfolio. “Itiviti’s NYFIX seemed like a natural, comfortable choice for us. It allows us to enhance our clients’ connectivity offering with a wider choice of services and 600 brokers at their fingertips. Furthermore, we’re now able to offer Options Trading over Itiviti’s NYFIX network.”

Blaze Portfolio is one of over 50 buy-side service providers to select NYFIX as their main connectivity partner through Itiviti’s Global Alliance Program (GAP). Itiviti’s NYFIX solution offers a suite of services including monitoring, FIX protocol dictionary, post-trade services and more. Blaze Portfolio is also utilizing NYFIX Matching, Itiviti’s post-trade solution that streamlines affirmation, allocation and confirmation matching services. Additionally, Blaze Portfolio clients have access to Itiviti’s Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) services, the industry-leading solution for measuring trade performance.

“We’re pleased with the on-going growth and effectiveness of our NYFIX partnership model,” said Lael Wakefield, President of the Americas, Itiviti. “NYFIX allows for single sign-on access to an ever-growing suite of tools and services that provide connection monitoring, TCA, post-trade matching, and a variety of other value-added services through our portal.”

The Itiviti GAP provides a global framework to build and develop mutually beneficial relationships with solution providers contributing to the Itiviti ecosystem of solutions and services. Partners are selected based on shared high standards of quality, reliability, innovation, responsiveness and client satisfaction.

Source: Itiviti

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