Knoema Buys Adaptive Management


 Knoema Continues its Transformation of the Knowledge Management Space with Acquisition of Alternative Data Aggregator and Solutions Provider Adaptive Management 

The acquisition adds nearly 1,300 alternative datasets to Knoema, expanding the reach of what is the most powerful solution available for discovering, integrating, and using data. 

Alternative data vendors can now partner with Knoema to catalog, promote, and make their data instantly discoverable by over 500,000 individuals on Knoema’s Public Platform. 

NEW YORK, February 21, 2020 – Knoema, the provider of an end-to-end data and knowledge management platform that is unrivaled in its ability to integrate, visualize, and autonomously discover data assets within enterprises, announced today that it has acquired Adaptive Management, an alternative data aggregator and solutions provider. Financial terms of the transaction are not being disclosed. 

This acquisition will combine Knoema’s advanced knowledge management platform and global data repository with Adaptive’s catalog of thousands of alternative datasets to deliver the most powerful solution available for enabling technical and non-technical users to integrate, discover, and use their enterprise data assets. 

DataFinder, Knoema’s most recent innovation for bringing data into analyst workflows, will amplify this acquisition by giving Knoema clients a fourth pillar of data resources—alternative data—alongside their existing proprietary, subscription, and global data assets supported by Knoema. 

Alternative data providers will now benefit from Knoema’s ability to help them monetize their data by making their datasets discoverable by hundreds of thousands of individuals on Knoema’s Public Platform. Knoema can also provide these vendors with tools for handling the heavy lifting inherent to data, including data management and entitlements, integrating the data into user workflows, and building user interfaces and APIs for delivery. 

“Adaptive has become a standard-bearer for making alternative data accessible and actionable by financial and non-financial firms alike,” said Charles Poliacof, Knoema CEO. “Since the beginning, Knoema has been helping clients bring together their own data with subscription data, convert that data into knowledge, and then work collaboratively with it across the enterprise.”

Poliacof continued, “The acquisition of Adaptive Management not only provides our clients with access to the world’s top-tier alternative data vendors, but it augments our vision for creating a knowledge and data experience where all of a user’s critical data assets are easily accessed from the most common desktop applications. This acquisition creates a compelling win-win for data providers that want their data easily found and accessible and data consumers who are currently drowning in a sea of spreadsheets, portals, and disparate data silos.” 

“We’re extremely proud of the company we’ve built at Adaptive, and are excited to be joining Knoema, a firm dedicated to helping its clients understand and work with complex and powerful data,” said Brad Schneider, Adaptive Management Founder and CEO. “Adaptive’s vision for making alternative data more accessible to all types of businesses is being carried on by Knoema, and we’re excited to see how the knowledge, tools, and technology we’ve developed will bring new value to Knoema’s clients.” 

“As a consulting firm that has leveraged Knoema for data management and client-facing subscriptions, we have been able to scale our business by delivering robust and timely analytic content to our clients,” said Brady Roberts, COO and Partner, Emergent Risk International. “Knoema has already helped us integrate real-time map-based data feeds from our partners alongside global public data. We believe the acquisition will only improve our competitiveness by providing us our next option, to integrate alternative data, greatly expanding the data universe our clients use to make better decisions on security, geopolitical risk, and foreign investment.” 

Founded in 2014, Knoema has established itself as a technology pioneer and thought leader by providing mission-critical data and knowledge management solutions to Fortune 500 companies and governments worldwide. 

For the acquisition Covington & Burling, LLP provided counsel to Knoema and Gunderson Dettmer provided counsel to Adaptive Management. 

About Knoema Knoema provides an end-to-end data and knowledge management platform that is unrivaled in its ability to integrate, visualize, and autonomously discover proprietary and subscription data throughout enterprises. Knoema believes in helping companies create cultures of knowledge sharing and discovery where information finds users where they work. Knoema enables teams of data scientists, analysts, and data officers to collaborate through its integrated suite of tools to upload, share, manage, visualize, and maintain all their data assets on a single platform. For more information visit Knoema.com. 

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