LME Select Production to be Moved Interxion London Campus Data Centre

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Data Centre Site Changeover Summary

1. As part of the London Metal Exchange’s (LME) ongoing programme to improve performance of its electronic trading system LME Select, the primary live production will be moved to the Interxion London Campus Data Centre on 1st October 2016. It will remain at this location until further notice, and consequently from this date the Centurylink LO1 Data Centre (Slough) will become the secondary site.


2. In Q1 2016 the LME established a new secondary facility at the Interxion London Campus Data Centre. This new facility utilises the latest technology infrastructure to support all of the LME systems. In order to fully leverage this investment for the benefit of the market and its members, the primary location of LME Select will be switched to the Interxion Data Centre with effect from 1st October 2016. The Interxion Data Centre will remain the primary location until further notice.

3. Following the move of the primary site to the Interxion Data Centre, upgrade work will be done to refresh the LME’s infrastructure in the Centurylink LO1 Data Centre. This will ensure that both primary and secondary locations utilise the most appropriate technology infrastructure to support the market.

4. The switch to the Interxion Data Centre is part of the LME’s ongoing overall performance improvement programme for LME Select. The switch will result in an improvement in round-trip times from the LME’s Community Data Centre (CDC) proximity hosting service at the Interxion Data Centre. Those members who choose to remain in the CDC at Equinox LD4 will not benefit from this improvement in performance and therefore may wish to consider proximity hosting services at the Interxion Data Centre. Further performance improvements will be delivered in the forthcoming LME Select Version 9 release later in 2016. Impact on Connectivity

5. Members are not required to take any action with regard to this move to the Interxion Data Centre as all current network connections to the LME systems will continue to function. Further, all existing LMEnet network connections will continue to route to the Interxion Data Centre, and the two CDC proximity hosting services both have network connectivity to the Interxion Data Centre.

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