Market Data Dominance – How Perseus Provides a Competitive Edge



A house is only as strong as its foundation. At Perseus, this is a phrase we live by. We’ve spent years building the fastest, most reliable and expansive network, enabling our clients to access new markets across the globe. With presence in over 100 data centers on 6 continents, including all the major exchange colocation facilities, the Perseus network now reaches every financial liquidity center in the world. Our network is the foundation, but why stop here?

We’ve built the house for our clients as well. Our managed Infrastructure as a Service solution offers companies the flexibility to manage their application or software stack, while outsourcing the management and maintenance of expensive hardware and utilities. Leveraging the Perseus house, built on top of our ultra low-latency network, clients can focus on driving revenue through new trading opportunities instead of spending valuable time and resources on setting up infrastructure.

And finally, with market data we are able to fill the house, offering a complete trading infrastructure for our clients. Powered by our reliable, ultra low latency network, Perseus delivers both raw and normalized market data feeds for established and key emerging markets to any of our sites around the globe.

Simplify & Save

Perseus built its network with a unique approach to network design and expert engineering that allows us to continually optimize for the world’s fastest inter-market routes. Unlike other vendors, we don’t have legacy technologies to maintain. That allows us to deploy the latest network switching technologies, utilizing hardware designed specifically for the low-latency, low-jitter demands of our financial customers.  Since Perseus owns and operates the network, we are able to configure it to the exact specifications of our trading and financial clients. We are not beholden to the network routing decisions of underlying providers which allows us, as an example, to deliver market data over a Layer 2 network, minimizing added latency.

Expanding into new markets where you don’t have any existing infrastructure? Under pressure to be trading on a new exchange where you need connectivity and new exchange contracts? When our clients need access to new liquidity, Perseus gets them there – fast. Perseus clients can set up trading operations and actually trade new markets in days, reducing the potential for lost revenue while onboarding. When speaking with new clients, the biggest competitor we hear about is DIY (do-it-yourself). But why build a brand new house from the ground up when there are experts who have already done it for you. In a typical DIY scenario, firms will have to deal with dozens of different vendors for the network connectivity, exchange colocation, hardware purchase or leasing and exchange market data to name a few. Not only will this take weeks or more likely months to negotiate contracts and turn up services, but you will have to manage multiple SLAs.

Further, when trading on a number of different exchanges you’ll need to work with each exchange market data team to get their exact API specifications, implement each unique exchange protocol and test the software before you can begin trading. Proprietary normalized market data feeds significantly simplify the process of accessing new exchanges and our 100% built and maintained in-house feed makes it easier and faster for Perseus to respond to client requests. Our clients save time on development and integration with a simple and intuitive API that only requires a one-time initial setup and integrates seamlessly with any exchange. Hardware accelerated, distributed feed handlers run directly in exchange colocation sites and normalize the data locally, adding only single digit microseconds of latency.

And we do all of this in a way that saves our clients money. Perseus is a Vendor of Record (VOR) for all of our on-net exchanges. This enables us to pass on significant cost savings as well as help to streamline the exchange contract process to get you trading faster. Further, Perseus will monitor exchange traffic trends to ensure that the network is always right sized to handle the amount of data sent from the exchange today and in the future. Leveraging a data vendor such as Perseus, you can free up valuable time and resources spent estimating future data volumes and capital wasted on unnecessary, “just-in-case” capacity.

Putting it All Together

At Perseus, we understand that market data is the lifeblood of your trading strategy. As the amount of available data across all asset classes continues to rise, we continue to deliver the feeds you need with fees that won’t derail your strategy.

Going back to my original analogy, setting up trading operations with Perseus you can buy the whole house – fully furnished. Benefit from complete and turnkey trading solutions delivered by a single provider and backed by standard global SLAs so you can focus on your core business objectives.

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