Market Data Quality Targeted

Terry Flanagan

Velocimetrics, a UK-based provider of business performance monitoring (BPM) and analytical systems to trading and financial market participants, has partnered with Datacom Systems to add the firm’s TradeView capabilities to its product suite.

The aim is to enhance its real-time risk management and data feed oversight capabilities, while also enabling retrospective trade analysis by senior managers.

With market data volumes continuing to balloon and the availability of reliable, complete and timely market data being integral to trading success, industry participants need to be confident in the quality of their feeds. Even a mild glitch can be the difference between a profitable or loss-making trade, an issue intensified by today’s high speed and complex HFT trading environment.

“Only through effective operational performance monitoring that firms’ can ensure they are able to sustain their competitive trading edge,” said Steve Colwill, CEO of Velocimetrics. “This joint offering will provide firms with real-time insight and comprehensive analysis so they can be confident in the quality of the data on which they are basing their trading decisions.”

The joint offering from Velocimetrics and Datacom Systems is intended to solve this need to verify information and assess risk quickly in a data hungry environment. The technology partners claim that end users will rapidly be able to detect any degradation in the quality of market data being received over multiple streams.

Clients will be alerted to gaps in the sequence numbers assigned to each piece of market data, indicating the receipt of incomplete information and also notified of microbursts, meaning that the network on which they are trading has become congested, a primary cause of unwanted trading latency. Armed with this knowledge, market participants can then draw on the detailed trading level analytics offered by Velocimetrics to improve performance.

By adding Datacom Systems’ TradeView product to its product suite, Velocimetrics is confident its financial market clients will be able to more effectively monitor the quality of their market data feeds and quickly identify any issues that may adversely be impacting upon operational and trading performance.

As part of the link-up between the two vendors, risk exposures and potentially unsafe positions should be able to be identified much more quickly and easily by senior managers, who can also check past performance.

The combined transaction monitoring and trading systems will allow end users to drill-down to the individual trade level to pinpoint precisely where in the end-to-end trading process a problem has occurred, promptly identify each individual trade impacted, and minimize the potential risks and financial loss that unresolved issues could have on future trades.

“The combination of the FPGA-based TradeView appliance alongside Velocimetrics’ transaction monitoring gives clients the best of both worlds, in terms of monitoring their critical trading infrastructure,” said Kevin Formby, CEO of Datacom Systems.

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